Sun in Aries – Moon in Taurus

Practical Advices For Your Soul
From Friday April 8, 2:10 AM
To Sunday April 10, 1:58 AM
Sun in Aries – Moon in Taurus


Symbolon Card titled “Eros”

You may feel like minimizing the importance of your sexual life. You wonder why this Spring is not having the same impact on your libido. Try to figure out why your sexual desire is different for now. Is your heart elsewhere or have you lost some self-confidence or else? Woody Allen once said: “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” You may find out that the lover in you is too busy with other daily issues. Love is in the air but your head is elsewhere. While love in your head will make your work less productive, making love with work in your mind will make your physical attraction less intimate. The answer is to compartment your life. When at work be at work. When with your family be with your family. When with your soulmate in bed be with your soulmate in bed !!

When relating this horoscope to your life, always ask yourself: “What is the question for which the card is the answer?” and don’t follow Woody Allen funny way to dodge the question !!

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

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