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The Astro Tarology Blog is published by Serge Bernard

Born in Belgium, Serge Bernard graduated with a Master degree in Applied Sciences from the University of Brussels, followed by a Master degree in Astrological Science from the Superior School of Astrology in Paris and later a Master degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. Serge Bernard wrote books on art “Symbols in Art – The Hidden Keys to Love, Balance and Renewal“, astro-psychology “Revealing a New Typology – Expanding Jung’s Concepts Towards Astrological Archetypes” and feng shui “Psychological Feng Shui – A New Approach to Happiness“.  He also wrote a movie screenplay “Conrad Hamilton” and a movie treatment-scenario “The Cosmic Light“. Click on any title to read the complete flipbook for free. Over his lifetime he developed skills to bring individual and collective consciousness to light, always with greater harmony and well-being at heart. Read more in A Few Words About Happiness And Freedom.

Astro Tarology Contributors

300x300-judith-harte-photoJudith Harte, PhD, MFT, has been an archetypal astrologer since 1975 and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1985. She has an MA in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Counseling Psychology. Not only does her work embrace the mythic and depth dimensions of human experience, she also has a clinical practice with an emphasis upon crisis intervention, hospice, and coping with ordinary problems of daily living. She has a great love for the astrological language, the language of myth and story. Whether astrological or psychological, she respects the coexistence and interplay of all modes of perceiving psyche and knows there are, in fact, many licensed psychotherapists worldwide who share her views. She has a burgeoning interest in clay sculpture and spends much of her free time actively creating images of soul out of clay. Her work has been shown in the “Mirrors of Your Mind” exhibitions sponsored by the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, created especially for and by psychotherapists who are also artists. To learn more about Judith Harte, visit: www.ImagesOfSoul.com

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